What is Armath?

Armath Engineering Laboratories is an engineering education program created and managed by the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises of Armenia (UATE). Since 2014, Armath labs have been implemented in more than 635 schools and centers in Armenia, Georgia, Kuwait, France, USA, Bangladesh and India with more than 17000 students engaged.
In Armath Engineering Laboratories kids aged 10-18 are introduced to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education through interactive after-school classes, exciting competitions, innovative camps and more.
Our young engineers are given the opportunity to design, build, test, and improve their own creations in a safe and fun environment while making new friends and creating startups.
Important outcomes of the program are:
· Stimulation of technological education
· Regional development
· Boost of economic activity in high-tech and related spheres
· Creation and strengthening of the bond between the school system, universities, and labor market
· Ensuring demographic stability of socially-vulnerable communities
· A new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs
· “Sustainable Growth” nomination at WITSA Global Excellence Award during WCIT2016 in Brazil
· “The best provider of IT education” award in GITI-2016 regional event in Tbilisi
· “Best IT project” in Armenia by the Eurasian Economic Union
· Nokia Award at The Eurasian Week International Forum 2018 in Yerevan